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SEO and Internet Marketing Services

Our SEO and Internet Marketing services consist of the following components. Each of these different components of SEO contribute to different aspects of promoting a website on the Internet. We do have standard packages for SEO however the best approach for promoting a website is to make an assessment of the real requirements for the site and draw up a SEO / Internet Marketing strategy based on that.

Some of the factors playing a role in drawing up a SEO strategy are:
  • What is the goal of the website? Website goals can range from attracting customers online to an e-commerce site; to acting as an online brochure for a corporate that adds to the corporate branding overall. This ties in then with why a company would be interested in SEO and Internet marketing for a site – do they want to be able to generate direct leads or sales through the site and want to increase website traffic? Or are they just interested in increasing their company's footprint on the Internet and thereby boost their online reputation?
  • What is the intended target audience for the website? It makes a big difference with regards to the focus and activities whether the ultimate target audience for the website is local (in other words, South African) or global. The whole SEO approach would differ depending on this factor since the competitiveness of the market varies depending on whether the focus is local or international.
  • What is the budget for marketing the site? Obviously the bigger the budget the more results can be obtained! However, even with a small budget results can be achieved, it might just take longer to do so.