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Your website is often the first interaction your customer will have with your business. Don't let a bad design confuse or drive that customer away. Your website needs to highlight the success of your business, create interest in your product or service, and build trust for your customer.

Our Web Design prices start from as low as R1 500 depending on the client needs.

A good website needs to include the following elements:

  Good look and feel
  Easy navigation
  Fast opening web pages
  Structured so that it is search engine friendly (To attract more visitors)

Visit our Portfolio for some of the websites designed by Golden Internet.  We have up to date desinged more than 1320 webistes and we are doing hosting for more than 2000 webistes.

A 5 Page website will cost you R1 500.  What do we regard as a page.  Every link that opens is a page. i.e About us is a page.  Home is a page.  Contact us is a page.  Each article is a seperate page.

Each additional page will cost you between R50 and R100.

Metatags and add words for search engines from your page so that search engines will pick it up will cost R50 per word.

When we create a website for your company we prefer all articles to be send in Microsoft Word.  Please do not use fancy script or frames. 

All pictures must be send in a jpeg format and must not exceed 200kb in size.

We do have a 100 page website fixed price of R10 000.  On this package you get 5 changes per month free.

We prefer our payment up front because of the amount of work we have to put into the design.

Apart from your website design you will be paying for your domain.  R120 for a .co.za and R140 for a .com.  This is an anual fee.

You will also pay for hosting fees starting at R90 per month for a 1gig hosting package.  With this you get 5 email accounts.